Did you know that there are nearly 4 million people in the United States with braces? Did you know that 25% of those individuals are adults? That means there are around 1 million American adults correcting their smiles right now. While some believe that braces are only for children and teens, anyone, at any age, can take advantage of orthodontic care to straighten their teeth and create a healthier mouth.

The idea of getting braces can be scary. Will they be uncomfortable? How long will I have to wear them? Will be they very noticeable? How much will they cost? These are some common questions that might run through your head when faced with the suggestion of getting braces; especially for grown adults. While the straightening of teeth is easiest between the ages of 10 and 14, because the bones have not completed growing yet, your age should not stop you from choosing braces.

Today’s braces have come a long way in comfort and style. The brackets, which are the metal pieces that cement to your teeth and hold the wires in place, are smaller and more comfortable. Also, you can now choose brackets that are clear or the color of your teeth for a less noticeable look. You can even select clear wires for added camouflage, but beware that the clear wire material can easily stain if not cared for properly. Lastly, there is the option of Invisalign, which are clear plastic aligners that are used to move your teeth. These are a great option for those who want complete discretion with very little tooth crowding and spacing.

Orthodontics does not just create beautiful smiles, it also prevents future oral health issues: such as, gum disease, tooth loss, jaw problems, or even troubles with speech and chewing. Dr. Leslie Hayes, DDS is passionate about providing personalized orthodontic care to each of her patients. Schedule an appointment today and find out the answers to all your questions about choosing braces. Your smile will thank you.

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