What is tooth reshaping and contouring?

Tooth reshaping and contouring is commonly used to alter the length or shape of teeth and can also alter the appearance of overlapping teeth. Contouring teeth may also help correct small problems with bite. Reshaping teeth may also involve building up a tooth that has been chipped or damaged. Often contouring and reshaping are done together.

How is tooth contouring and reshaping done?

We use instruments that gently remove a small amount of the top layer (enamel) of the teeth being worked on. This can be done to reduce the size of very long teeth, flatten overly pointed teeth, and increase space between teeth that are too close together. In some cases, tooth contouring may be used instead of braces when only small adjustments are needed. In other cases when contouring and reshaping are needed, we use bonding material to reshape the tooth after the contouring procedure.

Does tooth contouring and reshaping hurt?

Most people do not experience any pain while having their teeth contoured and reshaped. For some, the vibration that is felt while removing small amounts of enamel might feel odd or slightly uncomfortable, but the procedure should never be painful.

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