Dr. Lawhorn is proud to say that he was born and raised at the end of a dirt road in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. His mother worked long and hard to see that he had an opportunity to get an education. Completing the formal part of his education at Loma Linda University in southern California exposed Dr. Lawhorn to the pleasures of low humidity, but California couldn't compete with the northern Rocky
Mountains when he could finally choose where to live and raise a family of his own. At 25 years of age, on receiving his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he carefully selected Missoula, Montana to become his home and the place where his daughters Jessica and Kathryn would be born and come of age.



Dr. Lawhorn is committed to the dental health of all Montanans. He has provided screening and been either "Super Tooth" or "The Tooth Fairy" at the Montana Special Olympics annual competitions in Missoula, Great Falls and Bozeman.

He gives back to the dental profession by serving as an officer in the Montana Academy of General Dentistry; he is the Past President of that continuing education based organization. Dr. Lawhorn loves nature and the land we inhabit; he has been a sponsor of Ducks Unlimited for 18 years.

Dr. Lawhorn provides dental care in the firm conviction that an informed patient's choices must drive his care plans. He listens to the concerns, history and desires of each patient, evaluates their dental health and conditions and then every patient is educated on the benefits that modern dental care can facilitate. Once the patient has an understanding of their options and has determined the services he/she wishes to utilize, Dr. Lawhorn applies his 31 years of experience to see that each person achieves their dental health objectives.



• Doctor of Dental Surgery; Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, 1985

• Adjunct Clinical Instructor; University of Louisville School of Dentistry 2007 – Present



• Academy of General Dentistry

• American Dental Association

• Montana Dental Association

• 2nd District Dental Society

• International Association for Dental Research

• American Association for Dental Research

• National Dental Practice Based Research Network