Teeth Whitening

Our teeth are like sponges, with pores that absorb anything we place into our mouths – especially anything with color. Our favorite time spent with coffee in the mornings, or even our beloved glass of wine at night, have the consequence of absorbing into our teeth over time and creating stains.

While regular teeth cleaning by your dentist is a great way to maintain oral hygiene, those cleanings cannot keep those pesky dark spots away. Teeth whitening uses special gel to gradually push the stains through the pores to eliminate them.

The process of professional teeth whitening is very safe. We begin by creating a custom mouthpiece at our local Bozeman office. This ensures the correct amount of whitening solution is used and that your teeth are properly exposed to the solution from every angle. The whitening gel uses active ingredients to briefly open pores and lift stains.  Treatments are typically done at home and take two to four weeks, depending on the shade you wish to achieve.

Concerned about teeth sensitivity? More than 60% of Americans have sensitive teeth, which can be mostly attributed to thin enamel, genetics, or damaged teeth. During the process of teeth whitening, teeth are temporarily dehydrated to absorb the whitening gel. This dehydration can cause teeth to become sensitive to fluctuating temperatures. We recommend a post-whitening fluoride treatment to aide in, and encourage, their rehydration. After each tooth whitening session, your teeth naturally rehydrate.

While teeth whitening does not damage dental work such as veneers or caps, it does not whiten them either. When veneers and tooth caps are fitted, they are designed to match the color of the existing teeth. We suggest whitening teeth before having veneers and tooth caps fitted, so the color of your new veneer matches the same whiteness of your other teeth.

Some call it a ‘Tissue Test’, but we prefer ‘Snow Test’. We recommend comparing your teeth to our beautiful Bozeman winter landscape. If you want whiter teeth to match the snow, we can eliminate those stains and keep your smile bright. Contact Dr. Leslie Hayes, DDS in Bozeman, MT to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.

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